Humidity levels onboard are up to 5x drier than those in the desert.


Ever wondered why your skin feels instantly parched the moment you board a plane?

Environmental impact studies have shown that the regulated climate onboard a long haul flight is a major cause of moisture depletion. *Optimum relative humidity for human comfort sits between 40% and up to 70%, but general humidity levels onboard a plane, range from 20% to as low as 4%. With the relative humidity of the Sahara Desert at around 25%, cabin conditions can be up to 5x drier than those in the desert. These low levels sap the cabin of moisture and your body of around 1.5 litres of water for every 3 hours flying time.

The resulting extreme dehydration can not only damage delicate skin, but also throw the sebaceous glands into overdrive as they attempt to re-balance for this parching environment. The damaging effects of low humidity not only wreak havoc on skin health inflight, but can also leave the skin compromised for the entire trip, giving it little time to heal before you're boarding the plane again. So, how do you travel looking and feeling your best? 



From long weekends to longer adventures, boosting hydration throughout your entire journey is fundamental to keeping your skin healthy, plump and protecting it from environmental pollution.

Getting there

Actively hydrate with omega loaded botanicals rich in skin-quenching Hyaluronic Acid and Collagen boosting vitamins like B3 and C, to help soothe inflammation, re-balance sebum production and maintain elasticity to support the skin’s protective barrier function.

While you’re away

Consistency is key. Boost skin health with nutrient packed antioxidants. Known for their reparative, strengthening and protective properties, formulas rich in skin-identical botanicals help combat the oxidative stresses of changing climates, air pollutants and the moisture leaching effects of general travel fatigue. 

Skin support

What you ingest is also so important for total health and wellbeing. Your skin will love you for replenishing the body with moisture loaded fresh foods, anti-inflammatory, pH balancing juices and between incredible adventures, restorative sleep.

*Source: Richard de Dear, PhD, Applied Climatology. Director, Indoor Environmental Quality Laboratory. University Of Sydney 2018. Research study: Low humidity in aircraft cabin environments and its impact on wellbeing. Grum G, Trimmel M and A. Holm.